It’s hard to ignore the rumours suggesting the era of TV is over. Is it true?  How should brands react to studies and whitepapers indicating that television viewership is declining? The short answer is to talk to a reputable ad agency. When it comes to a media strategy, a well-respected advertising agency is on top of how TV is evolving and where it fits into a larger media buy strategy. As stated by Canada TV Media, “TV provides the highest ROI out of any media. TV is unignorable, reaching 94% of 18+ Canadian adults every week – the highest of any medium.”

If you’re looking to create demand for your product or service by reaching and engaging with the largest market to drive sales in Canada, keep reading.

In a world focused on social media and search engines, there are still many reasons to include TV in your advertising mix.

Factors Ad Agencies Consider When Recommending TV

  • Reach: In 2017 an average broadcast campaign got over 143 million views (Numeris)
  • Brand Equity: Television ads contribute to brand equity by enhancing awareness strengthening associations or adding new associations, and eliciting a positive consumer response. (Keller)
  • Trustworthiness: TV advertising is rated the most trustworthy by all age groups. Internet advertising is the least trustworthy. (ThinkTV)
  • Engagement: TV reaches audiences when they are most receptive to advertising. (ThinkTV)
  • Budget: Generally speaking, Stryker Media Group recommends a minimum budget of $100,000 for your TV ad buy plus the production of your commercial. Bigger budgets can grow into the millions of dollars depending on how long the ad runs for, the time slots and the stations.

Dynamic creative can bring your programmatic advertising to life. The name is a fancy term for personalized ads served in real-time using different creative like the environment and the user. By using various factors such as location, search history of web browsing and likes and dislikes of the consumer; you can build an effective campaign that targets the right audience at just the right time.

What’s next?

A successful TV advertising campaign creates demand by reaching and engaging a large market and driving sales effectively and efficiently. If you’ve decided with your agency to include TV in your media buy, the next step is reviewing how to measure the success of your campaign. A good agency partner will suggest a measurement plan with key performance metrics (KPIs) based on industry benchmarks and possibly in-store or online sales data.

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