This is part 4 of Stryker’s “Behind the Scenes” blog series exploring Direct Response Television (DRTV).

Brainstorming, creating, and executing a campaign is no small task. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to truly capture the right message and visual. 

You need it to both align with your brand and ensure that all-important connection to your audience. Are you focusing on your company as a whole, or zeroing in on a specific offering?

At the end of the day, how can you truly hit the mark and engage with your target audience? The answer is not one easy solution, but rather a handful of strategies to help you boost the appeal. 

Here are five tips that will help you unlock the digital and TV advertising effectiveness of your campaign.

1. Diversify your channels to optimize reach—and your data

Omnichannel marketing is on the rise, as advertisers want to maximize their reach and optimize their customer journey. That’s why it’s a good idea to dive into various mediums and consult different tools to help advertise your brand. 

Not only will this turn up different outcomes and answers, but it will target different audiences and fulfill varying goals. By relying on data analytics from various channels, you can decipher users’ geographic locations, computer versus smartphone users, engagement levels and more. 

These trusted measurement tools can then help you determine what markets to pursue, where to open brick-and-mortar shops and even other brands to partner with.

how digital and traditional media analytics can work together

2. Integrate DRTV into your digital channels

When it comes to growing your brand, utilizing two different mediums can go a long way. By joining DRTV and digital marketing together, companies can now measure audience reach from television advertising more effectively than ever before. 

Combining DRTV and digital advertising can push your advertising to the next level in terms of performance and measurement. Media experts use the incredible technology involved in digital advertising to revisit and enhance your DRTV campaign to attract a bigger audience and increase your conversion rate.

television advertising vs digital advertising capabilities

3. Consider audience demographics for digital and TV advertising effectiveness

Face it: You can’t be loved by everyone. But focusing on whose joy you are sparking will help drive your success. Regardless of where your casted net is reaching, you should leverage analytics to develop an effective campaign. Ultimately, you can adjust it later on to try reeling in other demographics.

First and foremost, pay attention to your high-return markets and use them to your advantage. If you are turning up more customers through television ads, analyze what is working to translate into digital. If you are turning up more Gen Xers than millennials, the best response is to find out why (say, by surveying millennials who can give you some insight and feedback).

4. Prioritize your return on investment

While social media is the top marketing tool for digital success, Direct Response TV is television’s answer for boosting engagement and conversions elsewhere. It also focuses on comparable stats like audience demographics to help customize the call to action and better target and grow your audience.

TV advertising effectiveness has become largely overshadowed by our fixation on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But since television has more and more platforms today with better audience targeting via first-party data and the use of AI, business leaders are beginning to turn the tables back around. And quite rightly, this trend is only expected to grow via cable, satellite, and streaming.

5. Define your omnichannel campaign with the big kahunas

Digital advertising and innovative television platforms are big business—and therefore, executives should be part of the campaign discussion. Measuring the results of digital and TV advertising effectiveness ought to be a company-wide focus.

Looking through perspectives from various departments can help you better understand your goals and optimize your campaigns. This allows you to take a step back and objectively review all the results. What areas are working for you and what aren’t?

It goes without saying that any great piece of advertising has hours of work behind it. Beyond exposure, businesses need a loyal audience to help them grow—and that means engaging them through both digital and traditional advertising channels.

At Stryker Media Group, we have a full range of advertising expertise across digital media and TV. We provide value and high ROI to all our clients in various industries. Talk to us today to learn about our media services and how to create a successful omnichannel advertising campaign.

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