T hanks to the enhancement of new mobile technologies, we can get directions, text our friends, buy car insurance, search Google and make phone calls, all without even touching our smartphone.

With the development of Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, voice search technologies have erupted.

Using voice commands is becoming a preferred mode of accomplishing simple tasks that were previously done by typing. Looking for a particular take-out restaurant? Need to find the closest gas station? Want to put an item on hold at a store near you? You can achieve all of these tasks, all without touching a phone!

Voice search has impacted search engine results by retrieving more relevant content, offering more precise information, and being more time efficient than text search.

How Voice Search Impacts Search Engine Results:

Elements of Search Results:

  • More specific
  • Location specific or “near me” included
  • May include products or even product numbers
  • Framed as a question rather than keywords

How to get Higher Rankings

  • Create content that includes what users are likely to say when searching for a product, store or location information
  • Use the same grammar that would be in a voice search
  • Optimise for long-tail queries which means a longer sentence compared to a few keywords
  • Find popular search queries that brought users to your website from Google Search Console as initial research for improving your ranking
  • Use Schema markup (microdata) within your site to make it easier for search engines to index

Online Reviews and FAQ pages

  • Business listings with reviews can help you rank better for searches that include your company name
  • Trip Advisor, Yelp and Google My Business are examples of good business listing websites to showcase your business
  • Include commonly asked questions within your FAQ pages that you think people would ask you when they’re talking

Why start updating your website to capture voice search results?

The world of technology is changing rapidly.  To remain visible and accessible on the web you must update your online presence to match how people are looking for your product or service. Mobile bounce rates are almost 10% higher than desktops which means your content should match the result as closely as possible.

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